Top 10 Best Air Compressors Reviewed

Are you struggling to find an air compressor that suits your specific needs? Whether it be for DIY jobs at home or more professional uses in shops and garages, you can be sure to learn more about the best air compressors that are available in our review.

We’ve researched a variety of different kinds of air compressors to ensure that you have a better chance of finding the one that fits your needs the best. To make your job easier, our review includes details surrounding the main features, pros, cons, and what customers have to say about them.

Product Summary

Product Main Features Customer Consensus
Bostitch BTFP3KIT

Bostitch BTFP3KIT

  • 6-gallon tank capacity
  • 150 PSI
  • Oil-free pump
Customers have been loving how it operates at 80 decibels as it allows for quiet use.
California CAT-1P1060S  

California CAT-1P1060S  

  • Weighs 29.5 lbs
  • Operates at 56 decibels
  • 1-gallon tank capacity
It’s quiet, durable, and can be used with all kinds of tools.
Makita MAC2400 

Makita MAC2400 

  • 2-gallon tank capacity
  • 79-decibel rating
  • Oil-lubricated pump
Incredible longevity for larger jobs, while also being quiet.


  • 150 PSI
  • 6-gallon tank capacity
  • Starts-up reliably in cold weather
Good option for powering tools in cold weather without hassle.
Makita MAC700

Makita MAC700

  • Thermal overload protection mechanism
  • 1,720 RPM
  • Quiet operation
Can be great for DIY work around the house for years to come.
California 2010A

California 2010A

  • 60-decibelt noise level
  • Weight of 35 lbs makes it easily portable
  • 2-gallon tank capacity
The lighter weight and noise rating make it easy to carry around and complete jobs quietly.
Briggs & Stratton 

Briggs & Stratton 

  • Easy-to-use system
  • 1,700 RPM
  • Quiet Power Technology
This one’s most suited to stationary work places and is super easy to use.
Kensun Portable Air Compressor 

Kensun Portable Air Compressor 

  • Works with AC and DC power cords
  • 35 PSI
  • Pressure gauge is easy to read
The analogue pressure gauge is easy to read to let you use precise pressures.
California Air Tools 8010

California Air Tools 8010

  • 60-decibel noise rating
  • 8-gallon tank capacity
  • 120 PSI
It takes just under 3 minutes to fill up the large 8-gallon tank.
Makita AC001 

Makita AC001 

  • 125 PSI
  • 1 lbs for easy portability
  • Roll-cage to keep it durable
A quiet operation and roll-cage makes this one to consider for jobsites where noise is a concern.

Reviews of the Best Air Compressors

Bostitch BTFP3KIT

Bostitch BTFP3KIT

With a capacity of 6 gallons that can operate with 150 PSI, we found this to be an incredibly efficient option. We also liked how it is able to drive nails from just under 6”-2” which makes it great for a number of different uses.

The air hose that comes with it is a total of 15-foot-long and features various fittings and sample fasteners that make it easy to use. From personal experience, having sample fasteners and being able to use a range of tools one after another can make large jobs run a lot smoother.

  • It takes under 3 minutes for the compressor to reach its maximum PSI of 150. So, if you were after an air compressor that lets you work without taking up too much time when starting up, this one may be a good option to consider.
  • This air compressor doesn’t require any oil to be used. Therefore, you’re able to use it over a long-term basis without having to spend time and effort maintaining it.
  • In addition to this, it operates at a maximum level of 80 dBA which means you’re able to use it quietly to minimize noise.

Things We Liked

  • Reaches 150 PSI within 3 minutes
  • Highly efficient
  • 15-foot-long hose

Things We Didn't Like

  • Louder than some were expecting  
  • The discharge side of the rubber hose can produce an odd smell

California CAT-1P1060S 

California CAT-1P1060S 

Are you looking for an air compressor that operates at a very low noise level? If so, this CAT-1P1060S could be an excellent choice because it works at just 56 decibels.

People have also been appreciating how easy this air compressor is to use and maintain as it doesn’t need any oil. Therefore, you can spend a lot less time maintaining this one.

  • At a weight of 29.5 lbs, you can carry this air compressor around easily. So, if you need an air compressor that is easy to transport, this could be a fantastic option.
  • We also liked how it features a steel tank that has a maximum capacity of one gallon. Furthermore, it’s pretty powerful as it can create 1.2 CFM with a maximum PSI of 90.
  • The pump that’s available is of a high-quality as it can last you for more than 3,000 hours of use when it comes to using blow guns, nail guns, staple guns, and more.
  • This pump can also be used on a range of terrains and different temperatures without compromising any performance.

Customers have been liking how this air compressor is durable, quiet, and can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Things We Liked

  • Easy to transport
  • Pump has a lifetime of 3,000+ hours
  • Wide range of applications (blow, stable, nail guns and more)
  • Quiet operation at just 56 decibels

Things We Didn't Like

  • Runs a little slow with air pressure in tires
  • Some find it’s prone to leaking

Makita MAC2400

Makita MAC2400

If you’re after an air compressor that can be used in tough jobsite conditions, you may be glad to discover that this one has a roll-cage design. This ensures that it remains durable during the toughest jobsite environments.

The pump has been lubricated with oil which is great for ensuring that it can operate at lower temperatures to avoid overheating. A thermal overload has been fitted which is effective at providing the motor with even more protection against overheating.

With a Big Bore cylinder and pump made out of cast iron, you’re able to use this air compressor with a quicker recovery period while still having plenty of power.

  • There’s a 2-gallon tank that can maintain a maximum of 90PSI which lets you run 2 nail guns.
  • This cast iron cylinder is also effective at providing the air compressor with more durability. It’s also fantastic for improving the life span of the pump to make sure that you can use it for a while.
  • A has been made possible due to the pump running at a lower RPM of 1,730.

One customer has mentioned how they’ve had this air compressor for 11 years and how they’ve been able to use it for big jobs while being surprisingly quiet.

Things We Liked

  • 79-decibel rating
  • Oil lubrication for cooler running temperatures
  • Durable cast iron materials
  • Roll-cage design which is great for large jobsites

Things We Didn't Like

  • Paint can be prone to chipping off over time
  • The metal used for the air filter mount is weak



We liked how you’re able to effectively use this air compressor in colder conditions without any start-up issues. This is a result of the 120V motor that is able to start without any fuss in colder weather.

It’s able to run at cool temperatures because it has a tank that can hold a maximum of 150 PSI. This means it has a large capacity for plenty of air without putting too much strain on the air compressor to keep it cool.

You can also achieve fast recovery times as a result of the 2.6 SCFM that’s able to run at 90PSI. A tank that can hold 6 gallons is available and has a pancake design that allows for a lot of stability.

We were impressed with how this one can be used with a range of power tools that include anything from smaller tools like nail guns, to other ones such as larger handguns. This air compressor is also easily portable, which makes it great if you’re doing jobs and are consistently on the move.

Considering the $100 price of this air compressor, it provides you with a reliable source of power that can be used for completing jobs on the go at cool temperatures.

Things We Liked

  • Start-up reliably in colder weather conditions
  • Can be used with a wide variety of smaller & larger tools
  • Easily portable
  • Quick recovery times

Things We Didn't Like

  • Makes a lot of noise, especially in tighter spaces
  • The manual is a little tricky to understand

Makita MAC700

Makita MAC700

With a big bore cylinder, piston, and pump made out of cast iron, you’re able to experience an impressive performance from this machine. We liked how it’s able to produce a pump of 1,720 while also remaining quiet too.

You’re also able to use it without worrying about the motor failing early on. This is a result of the amp draw that’s lower and minimizes the chances of the voltage dropping too much.

A thermal overload prevention system has been fitted which works effectively to protect the motor from using too much electricity than it was made for. Customers have mentioned how they’ve been able to use this one for 5+ years!

We liked this air compressor for use around the house as it’s great for powering tools that you can use while doing DIY jobs around the house. It’s also handy for keeping the tires on your cars inflated.

Things We Liked

  • High-quality cast iron materials
  • Thermal overload prevention system
  • Quiet operation
  • Awesome for DIY jobs

Things We Didn't Like

  • Can be too heavy if you need something to move around with
  • Some would prefer if the tank was larger

California 2010A

California 2010A

With a 60-decibel noise level, you’re able to use this air compressor in quiet working environments. This can be handy for home use and if you generally want to avoid a loud machine as a result of the maximum of 1680 RPM being produced by the 1.0 HP motor.

There’s no oil needed when using this one, which we liked as it saves a lot of time and hassle when it comes to maintaining it. You’re also able to save on some additional costs of using new oil while being able to use the oil-free pump for more than 3,000 hours!

A pump that doesn’t need any oil means that it can be used in a variety of weather conditions (hot and cold) as well as different terrains.

  • You may also be pleased to find that this air compressor weighs just 35 lbs which makes it easier to carry around.
  • The tank has been made from high-quality aluminum materials which is great for preventing it from rusting over time.
  • It has a maximum tank capacity of 2 gallons.

Customers have been mentioning how they have had a pleasant experience using this air compressor because of the minimal noise that it makes. Not to mention, the lighter weight makes it a great choice to carry around the home to complete jobs.

Things We Liked

  • Handle placement makes it easy to carry
  • Lower noise level
  • Durable rust-resistant aluminum tank
  • Lightweight design

Things We Didn't Like

  • The tank can be prone to leaking
  • Some people experience overheating issues

Briggs & Stratton 

Briggs & Stratton 

Have you been searching for an air compressor that you can start using easily and quickly without any hassle? Well, the connect coupler that’s available with this one makes using it incredibly easy.

  • This connect coupler allows you to connect and detach a wide range of tools with minimal effort and speed.
  • All of the controls are simple to use and the gauges and easy to see which makes operating this air compressor a breeze.
  • In addition to this, you’re able to benefit from a highly powered motor that provides you with an operation RPM of 1,700 while still being surprisingly quiet.
  • The noise level with this air compressor is a feature that has been shocking many customers due to how quiet it is.

The Quiet Power Technology that has been implemented into the Briggs & Stratton air compressor not only reduces the noise, it also keeps the machine more durable for years of use to come.

The larger size and position of the rubber feet can make this one a bit of a hassle to carry around. We found that it works best if you’re going to be keeping it in one place for it to primarily be used.

Things We Liked

  • Easy to use
  • Impressively quiet operation
  • 1700 RPM
  • Durable design

Things We Didn't Like

  • Placement of the AV cords leaves it susceptible to melting
  • Can be difficult to move around

Kensun Portable Air Compressor 

Kensun Portable Air Compressor 

We liked how this air compressor can be used both indoors and outdoors as it has been made to work with DC and AC power cords. Therefore, you can use it to power tools for DY jobs, while also being able to keep it in your car boot in case you need to inflate your tires.

It also features some accessory nozzles that make it easily adaptable to being used with different tools. Having said that, you may need to find other adapters if you’re planning to use a Schrader valve.

You’re able to continuously use the air compressor at its maximum pressures for up to half an hour at 35 PSI. This could make it a great option if you wanted an air compressor that can be used to power tools that you’re working with at home.

We noticed that the pressure gauge is available in analogue which makes it incredibly easy to read and you’re able to keep an eye on the exact pressure levels that you’re using. It also inflates tires pretty fast.

Things We Liked

  • Easy-to-read dial
  • Accessory nozzles included
  • Inflates tires quickly
  • Designed to work with AC and DC power cords

Things We Didn't Like

  • Cord is a little short
  • Louder than some would prefer

California Air Tools 8010

California Air Tools 8010

With a noise level of just 60 decibels, you can be sure to use this air compressor in smaller spaces without worrying about making too much noise. We were also impressed with how it takes under 3 minutes to fill the 8-gallon tank.

Therefore, it can be a good option if you’re looking for something that you can use to finish jobs quickly.

  • The pump operates without any oil which means you can save money and time on those additional costs and effort to maintain it.
  • This pump can also be used for over 3,000 hours before it begins to show signs of wear.
  • The oil-free feature means that you can use it effectively on different terrains and in various weather conditions.
  • The 1.0 HP motor is able to produce a maximum pressure of up to 120 PSI, which is plenty for maintaining pressure when using tools and filling up tires.

People have been surprised to find just how quickly this air compressor is able to fill the 8-gallon tank and how it can be used in smaller indoors areas due to how quiet it is.

Things We Liked

  • Fills up the tank in under 3 minutes
  • Maximum noise level of 60 decibels
  • Oil-free pump for reduced maintenance and costs
  • Pump has a lifetime of 3,000+ hours

Things We Didn't Like

  • Shutoff valve mechanism can be prone to leaking
  • Some of the plastic parts used aren’t as durable as the rest of the compressor

Makita AC001 

Makita AC001 

You’re able to use a maximum of 125 PSI with this air compressor which provides you with plenty of power while also being quiet. This makes it awesome for indoor use in quieter environments as it operates at just 60 decibels.

The maximum RPM is 1680 which is powered by the quiet 1.0 HP motor that leaves you with plenty of power to use with your tools. This is also effective to keeping the motor more durable by putting it under less stress so that you can use it for longer.

We also liked how it’s incredibly lightweight as just 23.1 lbs. Therefore, you can carry it around to complete different jobs with ease – whether they be at home or at a jobsite.

They have implemented a roll-cage design feature which ensures that the machine has a lot of protection from being damaged. This could make it a great choice if you’re looking for something that’s easily portable while being suitable to withstand the harsher conditions on jobsites.

With a low AMP draw, you can be sure to experience no issues when it comes to starting this one up. This is because it minimizes the chances of breakers tripping to ensure that you’re able to start your jobs without hassle.

We were impressed with how it has a dual piston feature because it lets you achieve a faster delivery of air to help you get through your jobs at a faster pace.

Customers have been mentioning how they’re able to use this air compressor at any type of plug-in due to its full cycle feature. The quiet operation is also a big bonus to reduce noise on jobsites and in tighter working spaces.

Things We Liked

  • Quiet 60 decibel noise level
  • Lightweight at 23.1 lbs
  • Roll-cage design to keep it durable on jobsites
  • Dual pistons for faster air compressor delivery

Things We Didn't Like

  • Some find the hose has leaks
  • A larger tank capacity would be better for long-term use

How to Choose an Air Compressor

After reading through the different options in our review, you may still be feeling a little uncertain on which air compressor to pick. That’s why we’ve put together this buying guide section.

All of the information that you need to pick the best air compressor for your needs can be found below.

Different Types of Air Compressors

There is a range of air compressors available and it may be a little confusing telling the difference between them all. If you wanted to gain a better understanding of the types of air compressors available, take a quick look below.


  • Flat and round storage tanks on the bottom
  • Incredibly stable
  • Doesn’t take up much room


  • 2-cylinder tanks that are horizontal
  • Higher capacity without sacrificing room

Hot Dog

  • A single horizontal cylinder tank


  • 2-cylinder tanks
  • Handle and wheels available for easier portability

Stationary air compressors are among the most popular because they are larger and recommended for garages or shops. They have a lot of power and larger tanks that allow for larger jobs to be completed without the hassle of refilling too often.

There are also portable air compressors available that have smaller tanks, as well as handles, and sometimes wheels. This makes it more convenient to carry it around while doing jobs on the go.

Tank Size

 The size of the tank is an important factor to take into consideration as it will highly depend on how you’re going to be using your air compressor. With a larger tank, you’re able to complete more work without having to waste time with refilling too often. Having said that, a larger tank doesn’t always mean a better experience. If you’re looking to use it for smaller jobs, a larger tank may simply take up too much space and be a hinderance to how well you’re able to finish your work.


There are many air compressors that have been made without any oil needed for the pump. This is a great feature that lets you use your air compressor without having to spend additional time maintaining it and filling it with new oil. Although, if you do decide to pick an air compressor that has oil, it’s wise to keep the pump lubricated frequently to ensure the machine runs smoothly.

Cylinder Material

There are two main types of materials used to construct the cylinders in air compressors. They include cast iron and aluminum.  The cast iron cylinders usually operate very quietly and are very durable. We find that the aluminum ones are cheaper and more lightweight, which can make them better if you’re looking for an air compressor that you can easily carry around.


The more couplers that an air compressor has, the more tools you’re able to connect to it without any hassle. This is especially helpful when it comes to larger and more complex jobs that require a variety of different tools.

Minimizing Noise

The amount of noise that an air compressor makes is an important feature to think about before you make a final decision. You should assess how you’re going to be primarily using the machine. If you’re looking to complete work indoors or are working in a place where you need to be considerate about the noise and possibly disturbing people, it’s critical to find an air compressor that’s quiet.

Many of the air compressors available in our review have been made with new technology that keeps them remarkably quiet. This allows you to have them operating all day long without causing any noise pollution.

We found this to be an awesome benefit for both personal uses for DIY jobs, as well as professional uses on jobsites. However, if you do purchase an air compressor that is loud, you may also want to think about investing in a pair of headphones to protect your ears.


You’ve now had the chance to read through the different air compressors and the features to look out for when making a decision on which one to pick. Our number one choice is the California Air Tools 8010.

California Air Tools 8010.

Why the California Air Tools 8010 is our top pick:

  • 8-gallon tank that fills up in under 3 minutes
  • 60-decibel noise rating for quiet operation
  • Pump can be used for over 3,000 hours
  • Oil-free to minimize costs and hassle of maintenance
  • Produces a pressure of 120 PSI

Overall, it’s a fantastic investment in money as it can last you for a long time and requires very little maintenance. You’re also able to use it for bigger and smaller jobs due to the larger 8-gallon tank.

Not to mention, the 60-decibel rating allows you to work with it in smaller areas without worrying about making too much noise.

Remember, just because we’ve selected a number one option, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best one for your specific needs. You can find all the details you need to know surrounding some of the best air compressors that are currently available in our review above!

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