Chuckit! Dog Toy Ball Launchers Review

Have you ever thrown a ball with all of your might only for it to land so close that even your dog seems to roll his eyes? We’ve all felt the ache in our arm, shoulder or back during a never-ending game of fetch, wondering if there’s a way to satisfy our dogs without ending up feeling exhausted ourselves. The Chuckit! Ball Launcher is a simple, durable plastic stick that allows you to pick up a ball and throw it further than your dog has ever seen you throw a ball before! The design is simple and a game of fetch is instantly transformed with no more bending down, picking up slobbery balls and throwing them a meager distance.

Chuckit! Has created toys for our fetch crazy dogs since 1998 and in that time they have created a large range of products.

Chuckit! Ball Launchers

All of the ball launchers are designed so that you are able to pick up the ball from the ground without using your hands and throw it a greater distance than when you throw the ball without the aid of a ball launcher. The variety of sizes and products allows you to choose the launcher that is perfect for the needs of you and your dog. The launchers have an ergonomic grip for your comfort as well as the product being lightweight to keep you from tiring while playing fetch with your pooch. They come with one ball and there are also Chuckit! Ultra Balls available to buy that are very bouncy and notoriously strong.

The ball launchers are all about the owner having to put in minimum effort for maximum throwing distance (and maximum fun for your dog). The only thing required with this product is a large open space.

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Chuckit! Ball Launchers Mini Ball Launcher Pocket Launcher Classic Launcher Pro Launcher Sport Launcher Ultra Grip Launcher Mega Ball Launcher
Available in 4 sizes.





Available in 3 sizes.




Ball Size Small

2 inch


2.5 inch


2.5 inch

18” and 25” throw medium balls

2.5 inch.

26” throws Large balls 3 inch.

26” XL throws Extra Large Balls

3.5 inch

12” and 18” Medium

2.5 inch



3 inch


2.5 inch


3 inch

Dog Size Small Dogs Any Dogs Any Dogs 18 and 25” Any dogs

26” and 26XL Large dogs

12″ and 18″

Any Dogs

26” Large Dogs

Any Dogs Large Dogs
Distance Short Range Short Range Mid/Long Range 18” Mid Range

25” Mid/ Long Range

26” and 26XL Short/Mid Range

Mid/Long Range Long Range Mid Range
Length 14 inches 12 inches 26 inch 18 inches

25 inches

26 inches

26 inches

12 inches

18 inches

26 inches

25 inches 25 inches
Online Price

(according to amazon)

$9.99 $7.99 $26.99 18” $17.99

25” $19.99

26” $22.49

26”XL $26.99

12” $8.99

18” $10.39

26” $10.99

$14.99 $20.99


As you can see from the table there are seven different launchers available each with a slightly different goal.

The ball launchers all allow you to throw the ball at least 2-3 times further than you would with your arm alone, they are all designed with a cup that allows you to pick up the ball from the floor using the stick and they are all made of the same lightweight plastic.

The longer ball launchers are perfect for dog owners with mobility problems or injuries etc.

You can choose the launcher than best fits your needs, the longer the length of the launcher the further you can throw the ball.

Mini ball launcher – This launcher is perfect for small dogs playing over a short distance, it uses smaller balls so your small dog can easily pick them up and bring them back to you. The launcher is 14 inches in length which is one of the shorter of the range, this means the ball is thrown a shorter distance. Generally, big dogs need more exercise than small dogs so this launcher means your small dog can get the exercise needed without overexerting and having to run long distances to fetch the balls. The ball size is the biggest plus with this product as small dogs can struggle and find it uncomfortable to pick up and carry the larger balls. This launcher really does take into account the needs of a smaller dog and gives them the best game of fetch!

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Pocket launcher – This launcher was designed with the owner in mind, understandably there are times when you don’t want to be carrying a big plastic stick around but still want to be able to have a great game of fetch with your dog. The pocket launcher is perfect for carrying around as it is short in length and can pretty much be taken anywhere. Some owners have the pocket launcher as well as one of the bigger launchers so they can have the choice. As it is only 12 inches in length the throwing distance is shorter but it’s convenient and can easily fit into a bag. Sometimes dogs see you have a ball launcher and want to play fetch before you’ve even reached the park or field so this pocket launcher allows you to hide the launcher away until you are ready to play fetch.

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Classic launcher – This is the first ball launcher, it has a basic design and a basic handle. Due to the simplicity it is not the best option for long fetch games but it is perfect for shorter or less frequent games. The original – it’s strong, reliable and it seems to be loved by all! The classic launcher throws medium balls mid/long range so makes the perfect standard launcher. Picture from

Pro Launcher – The Pro Launcher is available in different sizes, the length of the launcher alters the distance you throw. The 18 and 25” Pro Launchers are perfect for mid/ long range fetch games with any dog and the 26” and 26” XL are aimed more at larger dogs who require long range games and the XL uses the bigger ball size too. The bigger ball size on the XL takes away the risk of choking that the smaller balls present. The design of the pro launcher allows you to throw the balls further and faster than the original and throw with more accuracy too.

Picture (left) from 400/64217_pla_chuckitball_launcher_pro_hs_green_3.jpg

Sport Launcher -This ball launcher has been created with accuracy, control and distance in mind. Each throw you make is given more force by the arc design of the launcher.

The Sport Launcher throws balls 3 times farther than throwing balls without the launcher. This launcher is available in three different sizes, the 12” and 18” lengths are perfect for any dogs and the 26” is ideal for larger dogs. The larger of the Sport Launchers uses the bigger sized balls making it great for large breeds. You can throw the ball far and with great accuracy with this launcher so if your dog is a pro fetch player, you can be too! The handle is designed for ultimate comfort to make fetch games great for you as well as your dog.

Picture (right) from 04/Canine-Hardware-Chuckit-Launcher-Classic-26-Medium.jpg

Ultra Grip Launcher – This Launcher is designed to throw balls long distances so if your dog is a relentless fetch player this is the perfect launcher. The ball will be launched further so your dog will use more energy to retrieve it and bring it back, resulting in less throws but more of your dog’s energy used. For using this launcher you’ll need a wide open space so if you are limited when it comes to open areas it may not be the best option. If you have an extremely energetic, fetch obsessed dog this will transform fetch for you!

Picture (left) from 517588/-/medium-ball-26-launcher.jpg

Mega Ball Launcher – This launcher has been designed specifically for large dogs. It is long so can throw balls decent distances and it hold 3” balls so takes away the choking risk smaller balls present. The Mega Ball Launcher has a comfortable grip to make sure fetch is fun for you too. As big dogs tend to need more exercise this launcher provides you with the ability to do that.

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We love that Chuckit! have considered the needs of everyone in their product line. You can buy the launcher that best suits you and your dog to ensure playtime is fun for everyone. We know it can be confusing having so many options (especially when the products all look very similar) so we hope our table and summary helps you choose the perfect launcher for you and your pup! I used to hate picking up a tennis ball after a few throws because it would already be drenched in slobber and covered in dirt, the ball launches take away that and make fetch more enjoyable for me as well as my dog.

ChuckIt Videos & Reviews

This simple video shows the difference between throwing a ball with just your arm and then using a Chuckit! Ball launcher.

This video gives an overall view and some of the positives of using a Chuckit! Ball launcher

Here is a great little demonstration of one of the ball launchers in the Chuckit! Range.

Chuckit! Also have a range of flying discs, ground toys, indoor toys, tug toys and max glow products.

Chuckit! Flyers


If your dog loves fetch they will probably love the range of Chuckit! Flyers too.

The Chuckit! Flyer products are all made from soft but sturdy material rather than plastic. This makes the toys gentler on your dog’s mouth and teeth, especially if they are catching the flying discs midair. Chuckit! have four flying discs and each are designed to fly slightly differently.

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The Chuckit! Paraflight

This frisbee type toy is designed to gradually descend so it is able to fly long distance and is perfect for mid-air catches. The Paraflight can be used on water as it floats and is also brightly coloured for high visibility. It’s the perfect alternative to the old, more damaging, plastic frisbees. There is a rubber outer-ring that makes the toy easy to grip and throw for you as well as easy to catch and pick up for your dog.

The Chuckit! Paraflight comes in small (6.5 inches) for $4.49 and large (9.7 inches) for $6.97.

This product is loved by dogs, especially dogs who like to try to catch frisbees in the air. It’s light and easy to throw. The other great thing about this is that it lasts, it is durable and can withstand a lot of chewing, catching and shaking!

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Chuckit! Zipflight

The Chuckit! Zipflight is designed to fly in a straight line rather than to get air like the Paraflight.

It can be used on land or in water and has the same rubber rim that makes it easy to throw and catch. The Zipflight is thicker than the Paraflight but is still lightweight, it is made from memory foam which allows it to easily float through the air.

Dogs love this product and we love it too. It’s so gentle, lightweight and hardwearing that it makes playtime fun for us as well as the dog! It is also really easy to throw so you don’t have to put a lot of effort in to make it stay in the air and fly a good distance. The disc is brightly coloured so it is easy to spot and retrieve.

Picture from 114420S517019/water-dog-toys/chuckit-zipflight-amphibious-flying-ring.jpg

A small zipflight is $6.15 and a medium is $6.50.

Chuckit! Flying Squirrel

This flying squirrel shaped frisbee seems to attract (understatement) dogs due to it’s shape difference and visible movement in the air. The toy keeps the dogs attention fixed on it at all times. The Flying Squirrel has four ‘paws’ that have glow in the dark rubber feet, these paws stand on the ground and the rest of the toy is slightly raised making it easy to pick up once it lands. The Flying Squirrel is made of the same soft but sturdy material as the other Chuckit! flying disc toys making for long-lasting, safe fun.

The Flying Squirrel is available in 3 sizes:

Small: 9 inches $8.99

Medium: 10 inches $8.99

Large: 11 inches $14.99

Dogs love this toy, it is visually exciting and keeps them interested no matter how many times you throw it! It’s a perfect water toy too – it floats and is brightly coloured so is easy to spot.

This is also a great toy for when your dog is learning to play with flying discs as it gives them more time to catch it than a regular frisbee, your dogs confidence will build in no time.

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Chuckit! Heliflight

This is a triangular flyer that has been designed for short flying distances. It has raised edges so it lifts high when thrown and when landed it is easy to pick up. The toy is great for use on land or in water as it floats and is easily visible. The Heliflight is soft and gentle but maintains shape and is very durable. This toy is not about distance it is about height, if your dog likes to track toys as they soar high into the air then this is perfect.

The Heliflight is available in two sizes:

– Small 1.6 inches x 8.15 inches x 7 inches $8.64

– Large 2 inches x 11 inches x 7 inches $8.11

This toy is ideal for smaller spaces, it can also withstand more hard play than the others as its rubber covered with hard wearing fabric that is designed to cope with chewing.

Picture from[3]-5016-p.jpg

Other Toys By Chuckit!

Our favourite ground toy by Chuckit! is the Kick Cube as it will keep your dog on his toes with the random movement as it bounces and rolls around. It has no air in it so it cannot be punctured (major plus!) and has rubber bite zones to allow your dog to easily pick up the toy. It’s large in size but lightweight and it floats so it can be played with in water as well as on land.

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Max Glow

Chuckit! Also offer many items in a Max Glow edition, these are made from a photo luminescent material and will glow. All you have to do is leave the product in light for five minutes and it will glow for around thirty minutes. Great for if you are out in the early mornings or late nights. The glow products make playing in low light conditions easier and more fun.

Picture from uploads/2014/01/Chuckit-Max-Glow-Range.jpg.


Overall Chuckit! Has a wide range of high quality, long-lasting and varied toys available to dog owners. We absolutely love the ball launchers because they are so simple, lightweight and effective. They make a huge difference to playtime with your pup at a very reasonable price. All we want is to see our dogs happy and the ball catchers really help us to do that without wearing ourselves out or burning a hole in our pockets!

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