Doggy Fun Ball Launcher Review

If you’re getting a little fed up by your dogs incessant need to play fetch the Doggy Fun Ball Launcher might be what you, your arm and your sanity needs. This automatic ball launcher is designed for small to medium dogs and is able to launch miniature tennis balls (1.6 inches in diameter). You have 3 settings for distance and the launcher is perfect for use indoors.

Doggy Fun Features & Pricing

The Doggy Fun Ball Launcher is designed specifically for smaller dogs, it is small in size and launches miniature tennis balls a short distance which is perfect for the smaller pup. The launcher also has a nice wide open top to let the dogs return the balls straight into the machine. The ball launching distance is adjustable and can be launched 10, 20 or 30 feet. It is perfect for indoor use but can also be powered with batteries and used outside. This ball launcher could be the quietest of all of the launchers which is a huge plus for many dog owners. Another great feature of this launcher is that it will automatically turn off when it has not been in use for a while, if you are using batteries it will power down after 30 minutes of not being used and after 4 hours if you are using the AC adapter. The Doggy Fun weighs about 3.5 pounds so it is light and easy to move around. This launcher is not suitable for large dogs because it uses miniature tennis balls that are a choking hazard to larger dogs, the product has been designed for small dogs so remember this when looking for the best launcher for your pooch.

We also love the design and colour of the Doggy Fun Automatic Ball Launcher, it is a simple white and orange and looks very smart. It does remind us of the iFetch in design as both use LED lights to indicate distance and have the wider funnel shape on top to make it easy for the balls to be put in.

The Doggy Fun Automatic Ball Launcher costs $113 on Amazon from an independent retailer, it is currently unavailable from the makers GPG2.

Picture sourced from Amazon.

Doggy Fun Includes

  • Training manual
  • User guide
  • Power Adapter
  • 5 miniature tennis balls


Model Specifications Doggy Fun
Size 12.2 x 8.7 x 8.7 inches
Batteries Used 6 C-cell batteries
Can it be used on mains power? Yes – AC Adapter included
Ball Launching Distance 10, 20 or 30 feet
Ball Size Miniature (1.6” in diameter)
Price $113

Doggy Fun Training Tutorials

These two videos are from product makers GPG2.

This video shows how the Doggy Fun Launcher works, it shows a dog playing with the launcher, bringing the ball back and placing it in the launcher himself to carry on the game without the need for his human mom to do anything but watch and enjoy.

This is a training video that gives you guidance in teaching your dog how to fetch, bring back and drop the ball into the top of the machine. Once your dog is able to do this the hours of endless fun can begin. It may be a little time consuming to train your dog to do this but it is worth it when you see them enjoying playing fetch using the launcher


We love this product from GPG2, it is a fun, lightweight, portable machine that is easy to use and will provide hours of fun for your small dog. It is quiet so perfect for use indoors and also has distance settings so you can make sure the ball doesn’t launch too far or hit anything if you’re playing inside. Some reviews have said balls do sometimes get stuck in the machine but it is easy to get them out, however if your dog is playing on his own and this happens it would be quite frustrating. The launcher can be used with miniature tennis balls or with rubber balls of about the same size and weight. When the launcher has not been used for a while it shuts down on it’s own. Unlike some of the other brands this launcher does not have any additional safety features to prevent you or your dog getting hit with a launched tennis ball so take some time to train your dog to use the launcher to prevent any injuries. That being said injuries are unlikely but it’s best to do what you can to prevent it and you also don’t want your dog to become scared of the launcher. Overall it’s a great product that looks good and plays well.

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