GoDogGo Automatic Ball Launcher

Having an energetic, fetch obsessed dog can be tiring, sometimes it can be hard to keep up as your dog’s energy never seems to dwindle. The GoDogGo automatic ball launcher has been designed to keep a game of fetch going until your pet is satisfied. It will keep your dog busy by launching balls between 15 and 30 feet (a distance you can adjust). The launcher can hold as many as 17 tennis balls so even if your dog hasn’t quite mastered putting the balls back into the top of the machine he can still play. There is no more aching arms as the machine does all the work for you.

History of GoDogGo

This was the first fetch machine in the world and was the original award-winning launcher following its creation in 1999 (information from www.godoggoinc.com). Ron and his family were in the process of building their new home when their dog, Hershey, wanted nothing more than to play fetch constantly. The dog would demand constant human interaction in the form of playing fetch and it became increasingly difficult as they were busy with the building work. The idea of a machine that could throw balls for Hershey was something of a necessity to the family as Hershey would not only harass them but would also put herself in danger by trying to play fetch with rocks and then trying to catch anything that would bounce away from the heavy machinery.

GoDogGo Fetch Machines

GoDogGo G4

Since the original GoDogGo fetch machine was created they have upgraded and improved the machine to give the best experience. The currently available machine is the fourth generation in the GoDogGo line.

The original does not currently seem to be available but the GoDogGo G4 is available online through the GoDogGo website for $149.99 not including shipping (http://www.godoggoinc.com/products/godoggofetchmachine.html) as well as amazon for $179.99 including shipping (https://www.amazon.com/GoDogGo-Fetch-Machine-Dogs-Automatic/dp/B0162O3MYS/ref=lp_10046823011_1_1?srs=10046823011&ie=UTF8&qid=1481622243&sr=8-1).

Picture sourced from http://www.godoggoinc.com/images/products/g4/GDGup34view.jpg.

The GoDogGo G4 can launch a range of size and style balls as long as they are 1.75-2.5”. This means you can personalise the game by putting your dogs favourite kind of ball into the machine to be launched. The machine allows you to adjust its time delay and distance settings to ensure the best game of fetch for your dog. The balls can be launched using a remote control if you wanted to have control over the game or it can launch them automatically. Dogs love this fetch machine and so do we! The machine has safety features to avoid your dog from being hit with a fast flying ball, it launches the ball up and away in an arc shape rather than straight. This is a great feature as dogs can get quite excited and end up standing quite close in anticipation and we certainly don’t want them to get hit. The machine is designed for use outside and can be run on AC or battery power. The ball thrower will last approximately 25 hours when not plugged in.

The GoDogGo Automatic Ball Launcher is loved by dogs and humans alike, I personally love the safety features that comes with this ball launcher. It was always a concern that my dog would get hit by a ball as it comes out of the machine and end up getting hurt or developing fear of something that is supposed to be fun. You don’t have to be involved with the game but you have that option available to you which is great too. The bucket on the top of the machine is open so that dogs can easily drop the balls back into the launcher once they have retrieved them. The design is a little bit on the bulky side as it can hold up to 17 standard sized balls, it also makes a large amount of noise so skittish or easily frightened dogs may not feel comfortable with this ball thrower.

Picture sourced from amazon http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51tJ%2BS8xUUL.jpg.

GoDogGo Junior Fetch Machine

This fetch machine has been designed for smaller dogs and it works with small balls (1.5 – 2.2 inches in diameter). The machine is just under 14 inches high making it easier for the smaller dog to drop retrieved balls into the bucket. This machine can also be used indoors unlike the G4 Fetch Machine, that is because when it is set on low it has a lower trajectory and shorter launching distance. It works on an AC Adaptor or battery power and has the same safety features as the G4; launching arc and sensor and safety switch and can also be controlled using a remote.

The GoDogGo junior fetch machine is available online through the GoDogGo website for $139.99 not including shipping http://www.godoggoinc.com/products/jr_fetchmachine.html but cannot currently be found on amazon.

Smaller dogs can finally get fully involved with this smaller fetch machine, it is less aggressive in its launching and is smaller so the dog can return the ball into the bucket. The fetch machine looks the same as the G4 with its bulky, bucket appearance but comes with a range of features to ensure your dog has the best, safest game of fetch.

Picture sourced from GoDogGo www.godoggoinc.com

GoDogGo G3

The slightly older third generation fetch machine is still available but there is limited stock. The G3 is also powered by AC and battery with the battery lasting 25 hours. It has 2 time settings and 3 distance settings. It can be controlled using a remote or using the control panel on the launcher. As this is the older version it is slightly louder than the G4. It comes with 3 tennis balls and has the large bucket on top so dogs can easily return the balls.

The G3 is available from the GoDogGo website for $134.99 http://www.godoggoinc.com/products/SVdiscountunit.html.

This has less features and is slightly louder than the newest model but still works brilliantly. It works with a variety of ball types and size and will not work unless a ball is in the ready position. The GoDogGo is easy to use and the bucket on top makes it clear and simple for dogs to drop balls back into the machine. The machine comes with 3 tennis balls so you can play as soon as it arrives!

Picture sourced from GoDogGo http://www.godoggoinc.com/products/remotefetchpics/All_included.jpg

GoDogGo Model Specifications GoDogGo G3 GoDogGo G4 GoDogGo Junior
Size 15 x 13 x 17.5 inches 14 x 15 x 18 inches 16 x 12 x 12
Batteries Used Yes, 6 D size batteries Yes, 6 D size batteries Yes, 6 D size batteries
Can it be used on mains power? Yes Yes Yes
Ball Launching Distance (When using a tennis ball) 30- 38 feet 30-38 feet 30 – 38 feet.
Ball Size Any ball from 1.75 – 2.5 inches. Any ball from 1.75 – 2.5 inches. Small balls 1.5 – 2.2 inches.
Dog Size Any except very small/ toy breeds Any except very small/ toy breeds Small breeds
Indoors or Outdoors Outdoors Outdoors Both
Price $134.99 $149.99 $139.99


Advantages of the GoDogGo Ball Launchers

The Ball Launchers can throw a range of size and type of ball which is brilliant, as long as the ball is between 1.75 and 2.5 inches you can use it. The launch results will vary depending on the weight and type of ball used but it’s a great feature and gives the owner and dog freedom and choice. If your dog is a tennis ball fiend and destroys them in seconds you can use a different, ore sturdy ball and still make great use of this machine. If you are using the Junior edition then the ball must be between 1.5 and 2.2 inches for it to work.

The GoDogGo launchers are designed for use outside and really make use of all the space with balls being launched high and far.

The machine is solid and easy to use. The ball launchers are made of sturdy plastic, to me they have a bulky appearance because of the bucket positioning but the contrasting colours makes them stand out.

The GoDogGo comes with safety features that show the company wants to ensure your dog has the best game of fetch. The features include; the ball being launched up rather than straight so your dog does not get hit with the ball and a safety sensor with an auto-stop feature.

Drawbacks to the GoDogGo Ball Launchers

  • The GoDogGo Launchers are bulky, they work brilliantly but could have been more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Due to the motor the launcher is loud and it can take dogs a while to get used to the noise, especially if you have a dog that is skittish.
  • The GoDogGo Launchers are more expensive than competitive brands such as the iFetch.

Product Review Videos

Here is a great review of the GoDogGo G4. It allows you to see the launcher being unpackaged and very clearly shows all of the features included, It also shows dog Theo having some fun!

This video compares the GoDogGo to the Hyper Fetch. You don’t see any dogs playing with the launcher but you can clearly see the differences between the two.

This video shows the GoDogGo being unwrapped, the dogs being trained how to drop the ball into the bucket and how they react to the ball launcher in action. This gives you a great idea of how the GoDogGo works and how much your dog can enjoy it.


Overall we really like the GoDogGo Automatic Ball Launchers, there are many positives with the ball launchers. If we could change anything about the launchers it would be the appearance and the noise but we love the additional features that you don’t find on the competitive brand ball launchers. Even though the GoDogGo and the iFetch are similar they do have advantages and disadvantages based on your individual needs. The GoDogGo might be perfect for one dog owner due to its ability to launch any balls of the right size or the iFetch might be perfect for another especially if they have a smaller dog and want to use the fetch machine indoors.

The GoDogGo launcher is perfect when you have a large amount of outdoor space, it allows you to use pretty much any type of ball and gives you the option to adjust the time delay and launching distance of the balls. It includes safety features to protect you and your dog and also has a remote control for when you want to control the launcher.


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